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Desktop Theatre was my final year project at university. It is an experimental Augmented Reality toy that allows users to create Augmented Reality plays on their desktop. It utilizes the very helpful FlarManager to recognise pre- determined markers that are printed out and then shown to the webcam. The application then interprets the shapes and maps a 3D plane with a character/backdrop/other play element to give the illusion that the object is actually real.
Escape the Cube is a physical box puzzle Flash game that was created for my Novel Interactions module in university. It consists of a cube that houses two Phidgets interface boards that are hooked up to four different types of sensors and a servo motor. The Idea behind the game is to use each of the sensors to progress from level to level. Once the final level is solved, the hatch that holds a key is opened. This key can be used to open the door on the front of the box that contains a physical representation of the main character.
Doodle Dan was a combined effort between myself, Nick Thomson, Pei Sze Wong and Jon Wharmby. This project addressed a brief set by the BBC that invited students from all over the North West to come up with some original content for the CBeebies website. We came up with the idea of a Doodle that would come to life and interact with its surroundings. We won the competition and are currently working with Chapman Entertainment to produce the final animation.